Sunday, February 25, 2007



Okay, What Can I Say?
Today's The Day
It's Time To Play

Here We Are Now
Let's Take A Bow
Some Say This Is The Way

Is This The TAO?
Wow! That Was A Pow
Covered With Clay
Just Like A Sow

I Was Out To Make Hay
But That's Okay
If I'm Really Being ''FRANK''
It's More Fun To Play
''The vignette above starred Harvey and Ethel, doing the poem. about Frank. The ''REAL'' Frank, in this case, is a member of the Poetry Class. The assignment was to write like Frank. This is what I came up with. It pales next to Franks talent. Anyway, I hired Harv and Ethel, to act it out. Frank lost sight in both eyes, but it's fair to say that Frank ''sees'' way better than most . It was a poor judgment call, on my part, though. Neither, Harvey nor Ethel can duplicate Franks Irish accent. I should have asked Seamus. He's an Irish Setter.'' CHLOE.
FRANK'S Website Link Is On Right [Link Section]

Monday, February 5, 2007



---I'd Like To Introduce YOU To My Old Friend, Ricky The Squirrel. Ricky HAS quite A Story To Tell. Let's Jump Right Into It.''
---I'm glad to be here. It is really good to see you, again, Chloe. It is good to see you looking so healthy, after all the years that you spent battling that ''Catnip'' addiction.
''Thank You, Ricky.''
---Well, I read that someone had compared Addiction to Poison ivy. It made me want to find out what he meant, so I read further. This is the gist of it.
''To Backtrack A Bit, I first met Ricky, in a tree, outside the Bette Ford Clinic. Ricky was listening through an open-window, taking notes and everything. I knew that this was one serious dude. He had a Monkey on his back, [No, NOT SiD], THAT HE WANTED TO GET RID OF [The Photos Were Taken, At Different Times Of His Life, Before He Was Cured.]..
---It seems that the poison ivy plant itself, is not the problem. It is what the plant does to you that is the problem. When one is caught by it, or catches it, is when the problem begins. If someone has an allergic reaction, he usually breaks out into an allergic rash, which is very ''itchy.''
''Now, you NEVER, actually, had an allergy. That's Good. However, the Addiction part...well, I'm glad. Please continue.''
---With Poison Ivy, the more one scratches, the more it spreads. The Worse it gets. Like an Addiction. Any allergy can be like an addiction. The more that one does of it, the more it spreads. The more one becomes ''involved'' with the source of his Allergy or Addiction, the worse it gets. For example, Chloe, your Poison Ivy was Catnip.
''Yeah, was it ever. Tell us more.'''
---He says that one ''Uses whatever he does, [Ricky Checks His Notes.] to fill the emptiness that one feels inside.'' He may feel it fills it at first, but then it is all downhill. One becomes de-sensitized to the ''product,'' and it then takes enormous amounts of the same thing, to get any reaction at all.
---Eventually, it becomes too late. He is ''caught'' and has to ''endure'' his period of being itchy, but not able to do anything about it. It is too risky. Scratching is off limits. Scratching is becoming painful. He compares this to withdrawal. I thought this analogy was interesting.
''I'm Glad You Got Rid Of The ''ADDICTION.'' The last time I saw you, you were in pretty bad shape. All you wanted was some spare change to buy a drink. I don't even carry change. You were chain-smoking, to boot. The whole scene was NUTS and I don't mean the kind YOU can eat.''
[Producers Note: Chloe Rehabed At The Bette Ford Clinic, For Her, Now, Famous, Catnip Addiction.]